Jumat, 01 Juni 2012


Egg Drops

Materials :

·        30 egg yolks
·        30 egg whites
·        1000 grams of sugar
·        500 grams of cornstarch
·        300 grams of wheat flour

Equipment :

·        Mixer
·        Oven
·        Baking pan
·        Plastic triangle
·        Rice paper wrappers
·        Mortar
·        Sieve

Steps :

·        First, beat the egg yolks and 200 grams sugar until white and set aside.
·        Then, beat the egg whites until fluffy and a half. Add the remaining sugar while continuing whipped until fluffy.
·        Next, add cornstarch and stir as he sifted.
·        Third, enter the slightly-beaten eggs while stirring. Add sifted flour and mix evenly while.
·        Finally, put the mixture into a plastic triangle. Spray a baking sheet that at the base rice paper wrappers. 5 minutes over low heat oven below 180 degrees Celsius. Lower the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius, over another 15 minutes until dry.

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